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  • Her favourite Eurovision song: Something Better – Softengine (Finland 2014) 
  • Her favourite Eurovision year(s):  
    2009 and 2018
  • Her controversial Eurovision opinion: I actually enjoy Scooch’s song yes it’s bad but it’s a good bad 
  • When not talking about Eurovision, she can be found: Playing Pokemon or Travelling (not during quarantine obviously) 
  • Her fun fact: I studied Education Studies at University 



  • His favourite Eurovision song: 1944 (Ukraine, 2016)
  • His favourite Eurovision year(s): 2007, 2014 and 2018
  • His controversial Eurovision opinion: Ballads are perfectly acceptable; every Eurovision song doesn’t have to be an uptempo diva track!
  • When not talking about Eurovision, he can be found: Studying at university, posting memes and nothing else – because Eurovision is practically my life.
  • His fun fact: He featured on the Irish national final in 2015 in a quiz against commentator Marty Whelan – and won!



  • Her favourite Eurovision song: Hunter of Stars (Switzerland, 2014)
  • Her favourite Eurovision year(s): 2014, 2015 and 2019.
  • Her controversial Eurovision opinion: Still In Love With You (United Kingdom, 2015) is not as bad as everyone thinks it is.
  • When not talking about Eurovision, she can be found: Getting angry on the internet about sex workers’ rights, teaching students, watching or performing musicals, or being professionally naked.
  • Her fun fact: She once won an international writing award, and her prize was a golden sponge on a stick.



  • His favourite Eurovision song: Euphoria (Sweden 2012)
  • His favourite Eurovision year(s): 2013, 2016, 2019
  • His controversial Eurovision opinion: TBC – I could not think of one for the life of me.
  • When not talking about Eurovision, he can be found: On any streaming service binge watching something, or travelling somewhere to a Eurovision event.
  • His fun fact: I was once in a documentary about Eurovision fans.


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