Ireland’s Lesley Roy unveils her Eurovision 2021 entry ‘Maps’

The Eurovision entries have came thick and fast this week following on from Cyprus on Wednesday to Germany yesterday, this morning we heard Ireland’s entry for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, Lesley Roy released her song ‘Maps’, Lesley was meant to represent Ireland at the 2020 contest with her song ‘Story of My Life’ however this obviously didn’t happen due to the cancellation of the contest, however like many broadcasters RTE offered Lesley the chance to represent them this year.

You can Listen to Lesley’s 2021 entry ‘Maps’ Here below:

Lesley was on the podcast back in the summer before she knew she would represent Ireland at the 2021 Eurovision Song contest! She talked to us about her journey in 2020 and how she came to be their representative and how ‘Story Of My Life’ came about, she also talked to us about her hopes and dreams for the future, and how she was waiting on the call about her 2021 participation. You can listen to our interview with Lesley on our brand new Youtube channel down below along with all the rest of our content.

And what are we thinking about Lesley’s song you can take a look at our opinions below

Rory – Ireland has learned from the lessons of last year and has produced nothing but a banger! Maps gives me a vibe that’s similar to Sheppard and honestly I am here for it! A little disappointed we didn’t get any Irish in the song, but this is an incredibly strong song, which is automatically in my top 5!

Rosie – I have a problem with this song. How on earth am I supposed to put 4 songs in my number 1 spot? Maps is pure, anthemic joy. It feels like it was written for me. I’m trying not to let my personal affection for Lesley Roy cloud my judgement here, but it’s wonderful. After listening to this at 8.35am in the morning, I know I’m going to be smiling all day.

Jazzi – I really like this, I often really like Ireland’s entries I really think this stands out, it is very anthemic which I really like, I could easily see Lesley qualifying for the final right now this probably stands at about 6th in my top however that is definitely not a bad thing in a year that I am starting to find is very strong.

Tim – Okay… As with the 2020 artists, Lesley really used her time wisely and damn. She’s given us a very anthemic song, with powerful beats and it’s so damn good, I really have high hopes for Ireland this year and Good Luck Lesley

And that is what we think of Lesley’s Maps, as ever though let us know what you think of the song!

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