Norway: A Story of Polar Results

This week, Rosie, Jazzi and Rory return to Scandinavia to talk about all things Norway – the second most successful Nordic nation. We talk about our favourite Norwegian entries in the Contest, reflect on Melodi Grand Prix’s quality of songs in comparison to other Scandinavian national finals and have a frank discussion on the debate of cultural appropriation and appreciation in Lisa Vassilieva’s “I Am Gay”.

What do you think about our opinions? What are some of your favourite Norwegian entries from across their participation in the Contest? Where do you fall down on the “I Am Gay” debate? Should NRK have selected Ulrikke for next year? Please do tell us what your opinions are by getting in touch on our social media or leaving a comment below!

A link to this episode on Apple Podcasts is available here. Below is a video Rory references in the podcast episode; here is a twelve-year-old Rory singing “Haba Haba” at a school competition. Enjoy!

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  1. Steinar Mogen says:

    I am Gay was really awful! Like a bad parody. Embarassing! Should have been used for Pride, not for an NF! And ESC is NOT supposed to be Pride…..!


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