Israel: Culture on Europe’s Edge

This week, the hosts round off their “stan country” reviews by going to Tim’s “stan” country of Israel. Together, they talk about their favourite Israeli entries, discuss the growing variation of language used by Israel and investigate how KAN, Israel’s new public broadcaster, has managed to have such incredible success at the Contest after succeeding the IBA. We also discuss the ability of how Israel has managed to incorporate Middle Eastern elements and combine them with Western pop, with varying degrees of success.

What do you think of our opinions? Do you think KAN have done a good job since taking over Eurovision participation? Who are some of your favourite Israeli entries? Should Israel even be allowed to compete in the Contest? Please do let us know by getting involved in the comments!

A link to this episode on Apple Podcasts is available here. Below is a video that Rory mentions in the podcast, referring to a misheard lyrics video of Izhar Cohen’s winning entry in 1978 – “A Ba Ni Bi”, now known as “I Wanna Be A Polar Bear”. Enjoy!

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